Rider Profile: Robert Parr

Rider Profile

Robert Parr

I have worked for Cardiff and Vale for 15 years, undertaking  various Workforce and OD roles. While I have always been a relatively active person, I never really started cycling until 2014 thanks to an introduction by Mike Mullan.  I would describe myself as  a “hobby” cyclist rather than a real enthusiast, someone who just enjoys the benefits of cycling and going out for a ride with a friends on most weekends! 

 I have taken part in the Carten for several years now.  While I enjoy the challenge of riding over 100 miles, the friendship and atmosphere that you experience on this ride is absolutely fantastic.  It really is something special!

I always love a challenge and cycling provides many!  For me, whether it is riding 100 miles or cycling up a very steep hill, facing that challenge is all part of the fun!

Rider Fact File

Job Title: Organisational Development Manager, PCIC Clinical Board

What is your favourite training route?  Any ride out to the Vale of Glamorgan that has a Café which sells cake!

What is your favourite music to listen to whilst riding? I don’t listen to music while riding as I am too busy concentrating on not falling off! 

What is your favourite pre-ride snack? Bacon Roll!

Twitter: @RobParr1966

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Staying active, raising money and changing lives. Back Len for the CarTen.

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