Rider Profile: Joseph Simmonds

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Joseph Simmonds

 I’m a 30-year old junior doctor who enjoys the occasional craft beer and board games with friends.

 I currently cycle with Cardiff Ajax . I must confess riding up hills is still a struggle. My most recent cycling event  was riding from Bristol to Helsinki with a few ferry stops along the way in August.

I’ve heard great things about cycling, about the CarTen, and seeing my colleagues struggle up a few climbs are my key motivators for the CarTen challenge.

Rider Fact File

What is your favourite training route? Anything indoor involving regular leftward banking wooden banks suit me, especially given recent British weather conditions.

What is your favourite music to listen to whilst riding? I tend to ride with others, so don’t really listen to that much music!

What is your favourite pre-ride snack!? Anything high in carbs, usually a fruit smoothie with oats/banana/apple juice/mixed berries. I do have quite the sweet tooth!


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