Rider Profile: Nav Masani

Rider Profile

Nav Masani

Born, raised and medically trained in London; married to Jackie (originally from Porthcawl) with two fantastic daughters. Currently revelling in my mid-life crisis: plenty of travel, skiing, live music (Glastonbury Festival every year!) and, of course, MAMIL-style cycling.  

I started cycling in 2013 and did my first CarTen in 2014. Enjoyed every minute of it, which is good, because it took me approx. 700 minutes to get to Tenby. I’ve managed to get faster and fitter every year, riding with CAV colleagues Mike Mullan and Rob Parr who I also cycle-commute to work with.

CarTen is a brilliant charity; started by a few enthusiastic dads, it has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for health charities and encouraged hundreds of cyclists to get on a bike for the first time (me included). And, a great feeling in Tenby on a Saturday night!

Rider Fact File

Job Title: Consultant Cardiologist

 What is your favourite training route? Penarth -> back roads of the Vale -> Café Velo in Llantwitt for coffee and Bara Brith -> home

What is your favourite music to listen to whilst riding? Anything on BBC 6 Music (but, of course, making sure that ambient road noise is audible: safety first!)

 What is your favourite pre-ride snack? Night before: a big plate of spaghetti bolognese (note to cyclists: beer and curry to be avoided – think about the day-after effects, but on a bike!). On the day,  I’ve become a bit obsessed with Veloforte energy bars (cashew, pistachio, lemon, ginger, dates…). They taste great, but sadly don’t make me go any faster

Twitter Handle: @NavMasani

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Staying active, raising money and changing lives. Back Len for the CarTen.

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