Rider Profile: Mike Mullan

Rider Profile

mike Mullan

Job Title: Workforce Information Systems Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself: Bass player, cyclist and Workforce Information Systems Manager, in that order (to paraphrase Gareth Bale). I rode my first CarTen in 2014, after being nagged by my wife to do more exercise.  I collected my bike at the end of January not having ridden since my teens and managed to complete the CarTen at the beginning of May.  The weather conditions that year were absolutely atrocious, and I still regard riding 110 miles into the teeth of a westerly gale as a novice cyclist as a significant life achievement.

Twitter Handle: @MikeyMull66


Rider Fact File

What is your favourite training route?

From home (Penarth) out on the country lanes in the Vale of Glamorgan with my cycling mates.  Café Velo in Llantwit Major is a regular destination, and we’ll go via Ogmore to get the distances needed to train for CarTen.

What is your favourite music to listen to whilst riding?

Too dangerous – my hearing is needed to help keep me safe on the roads.

What is your favourite pre-ride snack? I always carry a banana as a mid-ride energy boost.

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