Len’s Challenge update

Due to the extremely hot weather, we have had to make some changes to what was originally arranged for Len’s Challenge. Today, the team managed to walk around 9 of the planned 13 miles over the Shropshire Hills but had to stop because of the weather.

We understand that there are some concerns regarding access to drinking water and the ability to carry enough water to stay hydrated in this weather. We have also taken advice from experience walkers, medics, and the Offa’s Dyke Trail officer about the safety of those walking and their risk of heatstroke, dehydration, and severe blistering.

From our understanding, there are very few points on the Offa’s Dyke path that are accessible via the support vehicle, so it will not be available to deliver water on route. Individuals are required to assess their own level of fitness and the amount of water they’re able to carry. However, because of the weather, we’re going to try and make the walks more accessible and safer for those taking part.

For this reason, Len and the team have taken the decision to shorten the lengths of the walk for the following days. We have worked closely with the Offa’s Dyke Trail officer to find the most appropriate revised stopping points in terms of the length of the walk and the available car parking facilities at the finish line. The start times and locations will remain unchanged.

Please see the proposed end points below. If you choose to carry on and walk to the originally-proposed end points, you do so at your own risk.

Day 6

Knighton to Dolley Green, LD8 2EE (5.4 Miles)

Day 7

Kington to Gladestry HR5 3NR (4.8 Miles)

Day 8

Hay-on-Wye to Standing Stones Car Park HR3 5RJ (4.2 Miles)

N.b. if you want to climb the Hay Bluff and return back to the car park, there is a circular walk from the car park to the top and back down again, which takes day 8’s total to 6.6 miles

Day 9

Pandy to White Castle NP7 8UD (5.8 Miles)


Please note that current forecasts anticipate that the weather may be cooler by Monday and much of the trail is through woodland that day so we’re hoping that we’ll be doing the full walk, ending at the Sedbury Cliffs south of Chepstow.

Please also bring some insect repellent as the team today have been bitten numerous times by horseflies. However, levels of insects may be different in different areas.

Continue to monitor our social media channels and the website for updates.

Please share this information with anyone you know to be taking part in Len’s Challenge

We’re sorry for any inconvenience cause but the safety of our walkers is our priority.

Len’s Challenge update

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