A Quick Trek up Caerphilly Mountain

This weekend, the weather was beautiful. It is really starting to feel like Spring and South Wales is truly beautiful this time of year when the sun and the daffodils are out.

I’m lucky to live fairly near to Caerphilly Mountain so while the sun was shining and with 90 days to go until the start of the challenge, I thought it would be a perfect day for a hike.

len training

It was a 13km round trip, which took me just over 2 hours. I have to say, I really enjoyed it and I feel like my outdoor distance training is beginning in earnest!

len training 2

I’ve also started walking to and from work, which I am also thoroughly enjoying. Switching from your car to walking/cycling to work is a great way to get extra training in around a busy work schedule. It also helps to reduce your carbon emissions so, for me, it’s a win-win situation!

A Quick Trek up Caerphilly Mountain

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