So it begins…

I started my training in earnest this weekend. I am a member of the Village Hotel Gym and I spent two hours there on Saturday afternoon and a further 1.5 hours on Sunday.

On Saturday, I spent the time on the Cross- trainer for 90 mins and a further 30 mins on the fixed bike. To be honest, I find gym work quite boring but it was so cold outside, I think the gym is a good alternative. I spent my time watching the England vs Scotland 6 Nations game which was also bittersweet, but well done to Scotland!

On Sunday, I spent the whole 90 mins on the cross-trainer whilst I watched the Manchester United game against Chelsea. It may surprise some, but I am not a fan of Man Utd, and so their win against Chelsea was equally disappointing.

All in all a good weekend of training but the sports results were not to my liking.

With only 16 weeks to go, I know the day I set off from Prestatyn will be here in a heartbeat. Good luck to everyone else who’s starting to train for the challenge.


So it begins…

One thought on “So it begins…

  1. Len, well done and getting fitter! Will see where you are weekend 30th / 1st – finish early and join the Rookwood Spur bike ride round the Bay on Sunday! Hats off to you!

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